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Your Custom Portrait - Created With Passion - Just for You!
Haute Couture For Your Walls!

Faces, Fashion & Environment Friendly Fine Art - Sandhi Schimmel Gold will blow your mind!

After over 10 years of experience in pleasing the most discriminating customers, Sandhi is now launching a limited time only custom portrait offering.

Only a small group of collectors can commission Sandhi’s work!

Paper Mosaic Portraits created by artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold are much more than meets the eye. Her portraits are beautiful, tactile adventures.

You are important. There is only one YOU, and you are a masterpiece. Shouldn't the art you own reflect your unique being? Your incomparable style? Your custom portrait will reflect your inner beauty, and promote your positive energy.

A custom portrait created just for you should be unlike anything anyone else owns! Why buy something off a gallery wall or choose a painting that anyone can have?

Sandhi’s art, like Haute Couture, is of exceptional quality & precision hand work. There are no short cuts here. Exacting artistry and expression is at work.

To create your custom portrait, she will draw you from a photograph, then create an original painting on canvas and then hand cut thousand of tiny slivers of paper to assemble your portrait.

And when you are ready to order, we will do everything for you.

Your legacy - your image - captured forever in a refreshingly original, mixed media portrait.
Owning something so different, it will spark the imagination of every visitor to your home.
Fine art that will enhance the quality of your life - and does not leach toxins into the air.

A custom portrait of yourself or your loved one - will be one of the most enjoyable things you will ever own.

Sandhi will dedicate 100% of her time and attention to YOU while creating your portrait.

You will see sketches, paintings and progress along the way

And it’s GREEN. Sandhi has created a unique, adaptive process to repurpose greeting cards, advertising, packaging and other paper ephemera of vivid color into a completely unique variation of fine art portraiture.

You can even request using your own memorabilia within your portrait - tickets, invitations, menus, photographs, anything is possible!

Sandhi’s passion is found in her innovative design aesthetic. She finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places: fashion, history, music, emotions, and words.
In the turbulent world of art, Sandhi has never succumbed to fleeting styles or pseudo intellectual trends. She is on a journey, evolving her understanding of what defines art, fashion, beauty and style in an ever changing world. Although mostly unknown [or perhaps more appropriately- undiscovered], Sandhi has been proud to share this unique work with the world since 2004.

Her collection is a rare genre of work, only been seen by an exclusive group of collectors. Because of the craftsmanship involved, there is a very limited supply of work available.

Only a handful of original pieces can be created each year.

Reserve yours now - orders taken by February 15th, 2014 can be guaranteed current pricing.

Sandhi’s diverse collection of pop art images, and serious portraiture can enhance any environment; from traditional to contemporary to a rustic Tuscan villa. From a corporate setting to an urban loft space to the utmost in modern luxe living.

Sandhi’s amazing work hangs in corporate, private and museum collections around the world. It is time for YOU to discover the utmost in unique art - and the pleasure of a custom portrait!



Your Custom Portrait Instructions:
1. Submit photographs of your choice - the more the better. This can be done through snail mail or electronically. Dramatic shadows make your portrait more exciting!
       - Of course, you may request professional photography session, hair and make-up for additional cost - Sandhi works with photographers around the country.

2. Submit size and color preferences, unique background settings, input welcome!

    During the process, you will have access to images/progress and communication with the artist.

    Minimum size: 16x20” “head shot” or “bust” on archival canvas
       - Of course, larger sizes, larger images, multiple subjects can be arranged for additional cost
       - Personal mementos and other materials may be submitted to include in the “mosaic.”

3. Deposit for 1/2 is required before scheduling. Balance is due when your portrait is ready to ship.

4. Your portrait will be framed behind museum quality, no glare, UV protection glass, wired and ready to hang.

     - Allow the artist to choose a unique frame for your work based on your interior design, or allow her to “get creative.”

     - You may also choose to have your work unframed on a thick, 2” deep museum wrapped archival canvas - where the sides will also be decorated and no frame is needed.

       A UV coating will be applied to protect the work from sunlight and/or halogen lighting. It will be wired and ready to hang anywhere.

5. Delivery is included - FedEx Ground or Home Delivery. [Shipping outside the US will be additional]


Price: $1998.00 for one 16x20" portrait - please Email for pricing on larger sizes

Guaranteed! - You will love your portrait or Sandhi will change it once, twice..'til you do!

How else can we help?
Testimonials and hi-resolution images are available for review upon request.

Reserve your portrait now.

"Sweet Honey Rox"



  • For Interior Design/Architects/Decor trade only: Please contact the artist directly to discuss custom projects and to-the-trade only pricing; for residential, commercial, office, restaurant and hospitality applications.

  • Personal appearances, speaking engagements, demonstrations/workshops - based on availability, travel arrangements, etc. email
  • Photos / Media Inquiries / Licensing - For interviews, please call and leave a message at 602-705-8111 Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST time.
  • Gift Certificates / Gift Registry

    • Can't choose? Purchase a gift certificate in any amount for someone you love.
    • Is there a piece you'd love to own? Email the artist and we'll keep your wish list on file - and let your friends know just what you'd like.


  • I make personal financial donations to several nonprofit organizations throughout the year - these are organizations I have a relationship with and have a strong personal connection to their missions.
  • I am not able donate my artwork directly to your nonprofit organization, school or faith-based organization: it devalues my work in private and corporate collections and in galleries where it is sold.
  • Please note, donations of artwork are not tax deductible for the artist. Only materials can be deducted.